Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO

Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO

In a recent study 93% of shippers report paying some sort of hidden surcharge on top of their transportation charge.

You read that correctly- NINETY THREE PERCENT!
Sounds like there is a very high probability that you fall into that category.

What are some of these hidden charges and how can you avoid them? CSXT recently announced additional changes to its CSXT 8100 publication. They are far from alone in assessing such charges, and their list is representative of the rail carrier industry overall.

How are you avoiding these?

  • CSXT is reinstating the late surrender BOL charge that they eliminated one year ago: “Customers have the responsibility to accurately and timely submit Shipping Instructions. If a loaded railcar reaches a CSXT yard without complete Shipping Instructions, a late fee of $500 per railcar may be assessed.”

  • CSXT is implementing time limits to resolve overloads & improperly loaded cars and implementing penalties for failures to resolve those issues within the new time limits. Penalties can include $1,000 per car, demurrage, and additional freight charges.

  • New penalty of $2,500 to be applied for failure to provide accurate information describing hazardous material on billing, where applicable.

  • Excessive Private Railcars (New Item): – “CSXT may send Private Railcars to the storage facility noted on the relevant OT-5 upon forty-eight (48) hours’ notice, if a Customer does not provide new billing instructions. Any such move shall be subject to empty railcar line-haul and other applicable charges.”

  • Additional Charge for Excessive Detention of Carrier Cars. CSXT may charge an additional $100 per car per day above normal demurrage for a specific car number for system cars when it is not released within 10 days.

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Dennis Wilmot started Iron Horse in January 2002 after eleven years working for rail carriers and sixteen years for private corporations. My full details are available @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennisewilmot

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