What happened to my railcar?

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What happened to my railcar?

Have you traced any of your shipments by rail lately? Due to security issues the clearinghouse and central database of all tracking data, Railinc, imposed clearer and tougher restrictions on tracking your railcars. Most carrier sites had an option for you to track cars on their system or nationally (Railinc). The new restriction blocks you from viewing any tracking data if you are not the owner or lessee of the cars (when a private car) or if you are not on the waybill. Anyone using a 3rd party system or a 3rd party, such as Iron Horse, must provide a Letter of Authority to Railinc for that party or system to have access to you tracking data.

We can no longer assume it is as easy as going to any Nationwide or Steelroads trace on any RR site to find our cars.

If you are facing any issues and need help tracking your cars, give me a call at 330-617-4104.

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Dennis Wilmot started Iron Horse in January 2002 after eleven years working for rail carriers and sixteen years for private corporations. My full details are available @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennisewilmot

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