School’s Out For Summer!!

Josh Harvey, Regional Manager Sales & Marketing School is almost over, and summer time is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but for me I think of longer days, cookouts, camping, the beach, days spent on the creek/river, golf, a few holidays and a lot more quality family time spent [...]

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Want New Opportunities? More Partnerships?

Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO                 If you have no interest in more opportunities for business and more partnerships with key relationships, go to the next article. For the other 99.9%, please continue. Attendees to the North East Association of Rail Shippers (NEARS) conference in Newport, [...]

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Fool Me Once…

Eric Wilmot, Director Marketing & Technology What would you do if someone broke into your home while you were away and pilfered very important documents from the spot you thought was secure? What if he covered his tracks so well the theft went unnoticed until a phone call from the thief revealed what [...]

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Some UP Service Restored

The UP has updated the status of service in Missouri. Lines between St. Louis and Jefferson City and more have been restored. Read more detail of the restored service, including the list of restored lines, HERE.

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UP Announcement: Service Interruptions

The UP announced Tuesday that Meramec River flooding has severely impacted rail service in Missouri and Illinois. Service has been suspended for lines between St. Louis and Jefferson City & Poplar Bluff, MO; Mt. Vernon and Chester, IL. For more details, the announcement may be found HERE.

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