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November 2018

  • NS has announced it will move its HQ from Norfolk, VA, to Atlanta, GA. This isn’t a big surprise as they moved the Roanoke office to Norfolk a few years ago. Centralizing everything in one location makes sense, and Atlanta makes more sense than Norfolk. That is easy for me to say since I am not one of the employees affected! NS moving HQ

  • Gerdau has announced plans to sell some rebar plants to CMC Steel. Some changes have already occurred. Gerdau plants becoming CMC

  • Vertex, a hopeful new railcar builder in Wilmington, NC, isn’t going to make it. The promise of hundreds of new jobs for the Wilmington area and a new aggressive railcar builder never was able to achieve the intended goals. Vertex to be shuttered

  • Another railcar builder, American Railcar Industries, announced its plan to merge with ITE Management, a relative newcomer to the railcar supply marketplace. ARI merging with ITE

  • Driverless trucks are on the way. Yes, there are a lot of safety concerns and maybe some “pie-in-the-sky” ideas of what they can achieve. But don’t laugh this off; it will happen. Driverless trucks are coming

  • Union Pacific announced it was pursuing the principles of Precision Scheduled Railroading. The implication if not actual statement suggested they would not follow the E. Hunter Harrison model of blowing up the current company to rebuild it. Does this suggest they are struggling to make that a reality? Is the UP PSR model really different?

  • Norfolk Southern has announced several changes to its rules and pricing for Demurrage. Most notable is the decrease in credit days allowed and the increase in the daily price. NS Demurrage Changes

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