Tevye’s Favorite Word

Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO Tradition! This popular song in Fiddler On The Roof begins with central character Tevye crying out “Tradition!” six times. He sings this in answer to a simple question he asks, “How do we keep our balance?” In addition to keeping our balance traditions also help to provide stability, [...]

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What Is Next?

Joe Chrien, Vice President Sales & Marketing   The election is over and President-elect, Donald Trump, will be sworn in just after noon on January 20th, 2017.  Many people are still having trouble understanding how our elections work, especially when an election is decided and the winner doesn’t have the popular vote, but [...]

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Where’s The Freight?

Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO             When will rail carload volumes finally start to show a comparative increase instead of weekly and monthly drops? Will this trend turn around soon? These question and more will be addressed at the Northeast Association of Rail Shipper’s (NEARS) conference in Portland, [...]

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