If you own a rail car mark/initial be sure to read this blog or you could be paying $600 extra per car to CSXT. CSXT has announced that effective June 1, 2018, any privately owned railcar shipped on CSXT which has no approved and active OT-5 will be subject to a penalty charge of $600 [...]

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Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO  Which one of you majored in statistics, and loved it???!!! Are you aware of these stats? "China's share of high tech exports has risen from about five percent in 1999 to about 25 percent at present. America's has plummeted from about 20 percent to about seven percent. What [...]

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Truck Problems = Rail Boon?

TRUCKING is in trouble. Have you had any trouble getting trucks to load or rates that work? What seems the be the problem? And is this good news for railroads? Driver shortages (new hires and retention), Electronic Logging Devices (ELD's), Hours-Of-Service, congestion and many other factors have significantly impacted the trucking industry. When you must [...]

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Partial List of Surviving Shay Locomotives

The Yosemite Lumber Company's #4 Shay is partially restored and is on continuous display at the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum in Arnold, California. Restored and on continuous outdoor display in downtown Cadillac, Michigan for free viewing is a Cadillac–Soo Lumber Company locomotive with tender. The oldest surviving Shay, serial number 122, built in 1884, is [...]

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A Man Named Shay

Eric Wilmot, Director Marketing & Technology I often feature technology and inventors in this feature and for good reason. The inspiration of improvement, innovation and progress can take us from the first heavier-than-air manned flight to landing on the moon in a span of only 2 generations. One such inspired man, Ephraim Shay, [...]

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