Will 2018 Be Better?

Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO   As we head into the holiday season we tend to lean in one of two directions. Either the holidays are a time of joy, fond remembrance, family, thankfulness and worship, or they can be times of sadness and even depression. Work, while maybe not primary, plays a [...]

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The Wizard and the Genius

  Eric Wilmot, Director Marketing & Technology     It is a fact of life that with every success comes many more failures. People like mentioning the fact that Thomas Edison, the Wizard of Menlo Park, experimented using several thousand elements in his improved design for the lightbulb before finding the one that [...]

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Affordable Logistics

Joe Chrien, Vice President Sales & Marketing       What is the one most important thing in this world to everyone?  Family!  I’ve written a lot about family over the last couple years, but as you all know it has been a very exciting few years for me and my “little” family.  [...]

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Who’s The Funny Mann?

Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO                 Why would a shipper pay to lease their own railcars or even buy them? Isn't it up to the railroad to supply all the rail equipment needed to ship on their line? As Cliff Norton used to say, "I'm glad [...]

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