About JChrien

Joe Chrien is Vice President Sales & Marketing. Joe grew up in suburban Cincinnati, OH, attended Kent State University, and worked as Front Desk Manager for the Bertram Inn & Conference Center in Aurora, OH. He joined Iron Horse in March of 2007 as Office Manager. He since has held positions as Account Manager Sales, Manager Sales, and Director Business Development before being promoted to his current position in January, 2015. Joe is married to Tiffany, has a four-year old son and twins (one boy and one girl) born in August 2015.

Tax Day 2017

Joe Chrien, Vice President Sales & Marketing   Tax Day is a day that every adult should know about and something that I discuss every year! There are three types of people in this world when it comes to tax day. Those who had their taxes done in February and already received that [...]

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Sometimes The Truth Hurts

Joe Chrien, Vice President Sales & Marketing     The election is over no matter what some are saying.   If you remember a few months ago I said that the main goal of each of the candidates is to get the people to like them and in turn I went over some of [...]

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What Is Next?

Joe Chrien, Vice President Sales & Marketing   The election is over and President-elect, Donald Trump, will be sworn in just after noon on January 20th, 2017.  Many people are still having trouble understanding how our elections work, especially when an election is decided and the winner doesn’t have the popular vote, but [...]

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60 Years of the Future

Joe Chrien, Vice President Sales & Marketing                 Last month I put out my own personal presidential poll (It was posted in our newsletter, on Facebook and Twitter) and the results are in:   So what does this mean?  Nothing!  This election, by far, has been [...]

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