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Eric Wilmot has held the position of Director Marketing & Technology since January of 2016. Eric grew up in the Cleveland area and attended Full Sail University in Orlando, FL, where he graduated with a AA in Film & Video Production. After working on films, television and music videos Eric was Director Event Technology for PSAV Presentation Services before joining Iron Horse in 2011 as Logistics Analyst. He has also held positions as Logistics Account Manager and Manager Support Services prior to his recent appointment. Eric and Justine have three daughters- 10, 7 and 20 months- and one son age 5.


Iron Horse Logistics Group announces two new appointments Burlington, VT (October 3, 2019) - Iron Horse Logistics Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Dennis Wilmot to the position of President of the North East Association of Rail Shippers (NEARS) after a vote was held on October 3 during the 2019 fall conference.Wilmot has been [...]

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The War to End All Wars

It started with a single shot. On June 28, 1914 the fatal bullet exploded from the gun held by Bosnian Serb nationalist Gavrilo Princip and found its mark, the Austria-Hungarian heir Archduke Ferdinand. (A second shot also took the life of his wife, Duchess Sophie.) Thus put into motion a complicated global conflict the likes [...]

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Investment vs. Expense

in·vest·ment [inˈves(t)mənt] /noun 1. the action or process of investing money for profit or material result. ex·pense [ikˈspens] /noun 1. the cost required for something; the money spent on something. One of the skills for excellent business acumen is identifying good investment opportunity. The danger, of course, is that there will be a poor return. [...]

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The Declaration

We recently celebrated the inception of the United States of America and though the pie tins have been washed and the smell of fireworks has cleared it is worth taking a look at the document that changed the face of history. Below I quote the Declaration of Independence in its entirety, unedited and as written. [...]

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Speed and the 4468 Mallard

Eric Wilmot, Director Marketing & Technology Is 100 mph fast? I suppose it's a matter of perspective. If you were soaring on a jet at 100 mph you may consider it downright sluggish (if the plane is even designed to travel that slowly) yet the thought of a baseball whizzing across home plate [...]

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