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Dennis Wilmot started Iron Horse in January 2002 after eleven years working for rail carriers and sixteen years for private corporations. My full details are available @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennisewilmot

CSXT- Anniversary Report

From CSX update: Takeaways from the March 1 investor conference — analysis by Tony Hatch, Progressive Railroading Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO               It has been a year since Hunter Harrison was named CEO of CSX promising an overhaul, improved service, and a "reformation" of rail operations. [...]

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Back To The Future?

Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO Who has watched the series of Back To The Future movies and enjoyed them more than me? They are a staple in my family, and certain phrases have become part of our family dialogue. Doc: "See you in the future." Marty: "You mean the past?" Doc: "Exactly!" And [...]

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Fuel Overcharge?

Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO     Surcharge! The first definition at Merriam-Webster Online for "surcharge" is "Overcharge". In research conducted by Iron Horse Logistics Group we discovered that 93% of shippers report paying some sort of hidden surcharge on top of their transportation charge. As some would contend, have the railroads been charging [...]

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Will 2018 Be Better?

Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO   As we head into the holiday season we tend to lean in one of two directions. Either the holidays are a time of joy, fond remembrance, family, thankfulness and worship, or they can be times of sadness and even depression. Work, while maybe not primary, plays a [...]

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