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Dennis Wilmot started Iron Horse in January 2002 after eleven years working for rail carriers and sixteen years for private corporations. My full details are available @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennisewilmot


Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO  Which one of you majored in statistics, and loved it???!!! Are you aware of these stats? "China's share of high tech exports has risen from about five percent in 1999 to about 25 percent at present. America's has plummeted from about 20 percent to about seven percent. What [...]

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Truck Problems = Rail Boon?

TRUCKING is in trouble. Have you had any trouble getting trucks to load or rates that work? What seems the be the problem? And is this good news for railroads? Driver shortages (new hires and retention), Electronic Logging Devices (ELD's), Hours-Of-Service, congestion and many other factors have significantly impacted the trucking industry. When you must [...]

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USA Metals Tariff Opinion Poll

We like giving away coffee and you like letting us know your valuable opinion. Let's meet in the middle! President Trump recently enacted a tariff on metal product imports and we'd love to know how you feel about that.  We'll show our appreciation by holding a drawing for a  Starbucks* gift card. (If you don't [...]

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CSXT- Anniversary Report

From CSX update: Takeaways from the March 1 investor conference — analysis by Tony Hatch, Progressive Railroading Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO               It has been a year since Hunter Harrison was named CEO of CSX promising an overhaul, improved service, and a "reformation" of rail operations. [...]

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Back To The Future?

Dennis Wilmot, President & CEO Who has watched the series of Back To The Future movies and enjoyed them more than me? They are a staple in my family, and certain phrases have become part of our family dialogue. Doc: "See you in the future." Marty: "You mean the past?" Doc: "Exactly!" And [...]

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